Celtic Magick Banner / Altar Cloth

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The magic of the crescent moon and pentacle, cats, Celtic Gods and Goddesses sparkles from this long banner.
  1. Rhiannon: Beautiful Celtic Queen of the underworld. She puts the living to sleep and revives the dead with her magical birds, seen at her sides and on her headdress. Image from Ireland, 2000 BC.
  2. Green Man -The male counterpart of the Mother Goddess, he is a guardian of all green growing things, and a very ancient symbol of renewal, fertility and rebirth.
  3. Wiccan Pentacle - Symbolic of life and health in ancient times, the pentacle has been used as a strong protective charm. In Wicca, a shamanic nature religion from Europe, it shows an image of how energy flows through stages of life, and corresponds to the five points of the sacred human body.
  4. Moon Cat Goddess - black cats are thought to be special guardians and messengers between the worlds
  5. Satyr - embodies the primal wild masculine energy of the forest and animals. He is the lusty goat footed God, a symbol of the unity of the human and animal realms.
3' 11" x 11"
Rayon Batik

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