CD: Astral Projection Series with Jason Newcomb

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(Two CD`s with four separate self-hypnosis programs)
Astral projection is a natural experience that is safe, educational & life transforming. Learning to leave your body is one of the most exciting spiritual experiences that a human being can have. As you become aware of the separation between body & self you instantly take a giant leap toward the reality of higher consciousness, you no longer fear death, & you open a doorway into spiritual adventures that will continue to illuminate you for the rest of your life.
The out of body experience or astral projection will change you forever. In this program of four tapes you are led through a series of safe & educational consciousness exercises & familiarized with the out of body experience & the astral world.
This set contains four half hour programs: Chakra Opening, Body of Light, Pineal Gateway & Holding on to Hypnagogic Imagery.

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