CD: Bending Tradition by Emerald Rose

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Emerald Rose is an energetic, North Georgia Pagan Celtic band who play both traditional tunes & original songs derived from the Celtic tradition.
The songs are high-energy, spirited, & often "eclectic" -- but always sung & played with heart. Their new CD rocks with the best of them.
Track list: 1. Penny in the Well - original, pop with Celtic undertones;
2. Fire in the Head - fast-paced "mouth music" piece with Celtic shamanism theme;
3. Lucky Man - the old Emerson, Lake, & Palmer number, as it should have been;
4. Green Hills of Garland/Gallagher Lass/Ferrets Nose - original jigs;
5. Red Haired Mary - a traditional ballad transformed to modern pop;
6. Pagan Girl - pure pagan pop;
7. Come by the Hills - a beautiful traditional Irish ballad;
8. Johnny Cope - a rousing Scottish fighting song;
9. Merry Mayfolk - an upbeat May song with a universal message;
10. Castle of Arianrhod - mysterious delving into Welsh myth & legend;
11. Freya, Shakti - praise for the Goddess in her many forms;
12. Unfinished Business - jazz jam with bozouki & whistle;
13. Hills of America - an anthem of the Celtic diaspora.

It is the bands desire to help keep the Celtic musical heritage alive and carry it on into the future. With music like this, the longevity of Celtic music is assured!

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