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Cosmetic Grade Fragrance Oils
Chakra, which means wheel in Sanscrit, is an etheric energy center. Various cultures have independently discovered seven of these whirling energy vortices along the midline in the human body. Exactly where they are located, whether external or internal, and their rate and direction of spin are all open to speculation and research. Colors, musical notes, glands, gems, psychological aspects and many more correspondences have been ascribed to the chakras. Various cultures intuit their own understanding, though many similarities exist despite cultural differences.
They are synergies of pure essential oils, Kauai healing energy flower & crystal gem essences and energetically charged crystals all blended in a base of golden jojoba oil. Each may be used in a number of ways. You can simply inhale directly from the bottle or you may also anoint each chakra point with a drop or two of the corresponding chakra oil. For healing, place a small amount of chakra oil in your hand. Rub your palms together and gently stroke or rest your hand in the area it is needed. The bottle alone may be placed directly into the client's energy field. Our blends consist complex synergies of energetically infused essential oils, gem elixirs and flower essences as well as herbs and crystals. They are then blended in a base of pure organic golden jojoba oil for ease in application.

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