Rune Mother with Celtic Knots Altar Cloth / Scarf

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The Mother of all runes is surrounded by magical Norse runes for healing and good luck, in a mandala. This numerically charged rune ring is designed to aid in focus on cosmic patterns and mystical realization, while serving as strong protection for any enclosed space.

This cloth is composed of the runes of the elder futhark, originally the alphabet and a framework for magic for northern Europeans. Still in use today, the runes are a unique tool which will serve anyone. The central, sky blue rune, Hagalaz, is the mother rune that contains all other runes. This rune alone promotes security, prevents intrusion, completes and balances power, aids in evolution, and grants mystical experience. In combination within the Ring of Power, these runes are indeed usefully arrayed. Those wishing more information on runes may consult the works of Edred Thorsson.

The triquetra symbol in the corners is an ancient sign for the triple Goddess. It also evokes the Celtic concept of the domains of material existence- earth, water, and sky, and their interrelations.

One meter square
Rayon Batik

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