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At last, there truly is a "greatest hits" album of the past 30 years of Pagan music!
Here are the songs that have shaped the current resurgence of Pagan spirituality.
Exclusive re-mastered tracks include the long-lost original Burning Times recording and several other rare musical gems from Gwydion Pendderwen, Catherine Madsen, and Velvet Hammer.
The songs have been culled from literally hundreds of albums produced by Pagans since the 1970s, and feature popular musicians Gypsy, Todd Alan, Wendy Rule, Emerald Rose, Avalon Rising, and many more.
They tell our history, and also chart the evolution of our thought and belief. What makes these songs Pagan? They may be about the ancient nature religions of the European continent, they may deal with themes such as life after death, being Pagan in a Christian world, or encountering figures from the Spirit realms.
With extensive liner notes detailing the importance of each track and the artist who created it, this inspiring collection is a must-have for any Pagan music fan.
track list :
# Burning Times--Charlie Murphy
# The Heretic Heart--Catherine Madsen
# We Won`t Wait Any Longer--Gwydion Pendderwen
# Every Woman Born--Ruth Barrett
# The Question Song--Pasha and the Pagans
# Lord of the Dance--Todd Alan
# Magick--Gypsy
# Fairy Queen--Kenny Klein
# Angel of Bells--Gaia`s Voice
# Spirits--Susan Falkenrath
# We Do Not Die--Velvet Hammer
# Deity--Wendy Rule
# Dark Moon Circle--Avalon Rising
# Rime of the Ancient Matriarch--Holly Tannen
# The Christians and the Pagans--Dar Williams
# Penny in the Well--Emerald Rose

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