Invoking the Goddess Altar Candles

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The Goddess Within Each of us Awaits.
3" x 3.5" - 40 hour Altar Candles.
There is a Goddess to call on for every intention. Perfect for your personal altars, or just to call upon the blessings and gifts each Goddess brings.
We did our homework to create a candle with the appropriate color and scent fit for each Goddess.
Invoke a Goddess to receive special earthly rewards.
14 Goddesses to choose from

Aphrodite - Goddess of Romance Rose Geranium Date Pink Candle.
Arachne - Goddess of Destiny Honeysuckle Myrrh Blood Red Candle.
Astarte - Goddess of Passion Neroli Vanilla Deep Pink Candle.
Brigit - Goddess of Inspiration Sage Lemongrass Light Sage Candle.
Cerridwen - Goddess of Spell Craft Juniper & Cedar Midnight Black Candle.
Diana - Goddess of Empowerment Fir & Vanilla Forest Green Candle.
Freya - Goddess of Wisdom Amber & Nutmeg Honey Gold Candle.
Hekate - Goddess of Crossroads Patchouli & Geranium Silver Grey Candle.
Hygeia - Goddess of Healing Sandalwood & Sage Turquiose Candle.
Isis - Goddess of Creation Jasmine & Cinnamon Ocean Blue Candle.
Kwan-Yin - Goddess of Peace & Compassion Peoney & Tangerine Gentle Blue Candle.
Lakshmi - Goddess of Prosperity Sandalwood & Jasmine Magenta Candle.
Oya - Goddess of Warriors Ylang Ylang & Amber Eggplant Purple Candle.
Rhiannon - Goddess of Justice Date & Cedar White Candle.

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